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December 05, 2007

Sermon on the mount

Studying from the sermon on the mount the past few day, I sort of got stuck at Matt 7:21 - stuck for 3 or 4 days, actually. It has always been puzzling that such seemingly productive followers, who could cast out demons and perform miracles in the name of Christ, would be rejected in the end (vs 22,23). I think the key is in vs 21: 'only he who does the Lord's will'. Wouldn't casting out demons and performing miracles be the Lord's will? Probably, but these are the highly visible popular things. It is likely more about daily service: loving enemies, taking care of the least. Christ says (vs 12) we should do unto others as we would have them do to us. He even says this is the sum of the old testament scriptures. He apparently really meant that. While some may concentrate on numbers of souls saved and miracles accomplished, the real measurable thing we can do is serve. Souls are saved by God, through Christ; service is that for which he needs our arms and legs. Because of His design, it can't be done any other way. Along the way, people come to believe, because they see Christ in us, and we have the opportunity to explain the reason for our hope.
Look, we can sit in church and feel good about being a part of what happens there, but God needs our hands more than our behinds. I think that is what Matthew 7:21 is saying. My take is, get up and serve. And, be prepared to give the reason for your hope.
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