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June 21, 2007

The Morning

In the morning O Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation.
Ps 5:3

Most mornings, about 6am, Mary and I walk around the farm. I keep a path cut around the perimeter of the pastures; it takes about 40 minutes, and it is always a little adventure. This is especially so with 3 excited dogs. The two "herding" dogs enjoy chasing the cows, and make sure they stay a herd. They don't have as much luck with the horses. Their success was even less with the first skunk the pup encountered, but it is especially hard to herd skunks.
Well, the adventure is the main thing. Steve said it must be almost a spiritual walk; it IS a spiritual walk. We see many beautiful sunrises over the hills, with a beautiful fog in the valleys. Today, I munched on fresh blackberries on the way. The mockingbirds have been especially active this last week or so. If you haven't listened to a mockingbird, you need to. They can sit and imitate other birds, in rapid succession; I never tire of listening. Those who count such things have counted up to 200 imitations by a single bird, and I assume they are pretty good at their imitations. They will sometimes even imitate human-made sounds. As well as being beautiful, it intrigues me: why? Someone probably has a good theory, but I really feel that God created many things just for his (and our) enjoyment. I really enjoy mockingbirds. If I am right, God and I enjoy some of the same things.
We have observed how it is easy to miss all these little blessings if you are always looking down to watch your step. And you do have to watch your step on a farm! The only practical way to take in the blessings is to pause, take time, look around, and listen. When we do, we are blessed, and we have a truly spiritual worship of God. This is what He enjoys; we enjoy it, too.
After our walking worship, we pray, lay our requests before Him. I believe he then hears our voice. Then we wait.